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Dedicated hardware, requires no PC

Up to 5 axis control

100 kHz pulse rate on each axis

32 inputs, 16 outputs and 6 relay outputs

Direct spindle control with 0-10 volts, CW, CCW & PWM

Automatic tool changer (ATC) control without PLC

MPG hand wheel support


The idea for this radical design came from a bad experience while making CNC machines. The PC based system was too complex to setup, further there were a lot of hardware and software compatibility issues. 

The PC based system would crash and we realized that a strong hardware is required to support a non PC based software that is specially designed to be a CNC controller and nothing more than that.

The founder saw a better way of doing things and started making a small embedded hardware and software system which is now after more than 2 years of work is MASSO!


16-bit high resolution

Combined with the latest DMM servo control technology for highly accurate control

Industry standard interface

Options of pulse, analog, serial interfaces

High rigidity & high load applications

Servo motors for medium and low inertia

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