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Massive Technology in One

  • Dedicated hardware, requiring no PC
  • Upto 5 Axis control
  • 39 Inputs, 34 Outputs
  • 100 kHz pulse rate
  • 4 Analog (12 bit) inputs
  • MODBUS and serial interface
  • Step & Direction signals for stepper or servo drives
  • Direct spindle control with 0-10 volts, CW, CCW & PWM
  • MPG hand wheel dial support
  • WiFi connectivity option

The ALL-IN-ONE solution


MASSO is designed from ground up on a custom built hardware platform that includes all the inputs and outputs to control machine axis, spindles etc. All the required hardware is built into the system and the user only needs to connect a LCD screen through VGA cable and a standard USB keyboard. With our unique dedicated architecture the machine can be controller without requiring any PC.

Our Controllers are compatible with most of the standard motors/drives and can be easily interfaces with standard CNC equipment.

Controller Layout

Easy connectivity

  • MPG hand wheel support
  • Gamepad controller support
  • WiFi connectivity

The right version for your machine

MASSO shares the same hardware for all the different maches types which makes it easy and simple to wire and configure