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AC Servo – DYN4 High Voltage Series  

Combining the latest DMM servo control technology with 16-bit high resolution feedback and brand new monitor functions, the DYN4 AC Servo Drive achieves ultimate accessible performance.

Industry standard pulse/analog/serial interface, easy PC set up and low cost makes the DYN4 AC Servo Drive most applicable and suitable for any motion control applications.

        DYN4 AC Servo System Catalog               Instruction Manual A1.5
      High Inertia Load Response Application                DYN Servo – Indexing Demo
AC Servo – DYN2 Low Voltage Series

Next Generation Low Voltage servo drive for universal applications. Higher resolution encoder feedback, increased speed and larger power capacity to meet demanding requirements.

Industry standard Pulse/Analog interface with optional easy to use Serial RS232 command allows flexible integration. For every low capacity servo application, this is the new DYN2 AC Servo Drive.

        DYN2 System Selection Manual             DYN2 Specification Manual


      4-Axis FA PLC Demo                    Indexing Operation with 3-Axis Positioning
AC Servo Motors

DHT series servo motors are medium inertia for high rigidity, high load applications. DST series servo motors offer low inertia with faster response and higher speed for fast cycle, dynamic response applications.

AC servo motors are available in both low voltage (60V) and high voltage (200V) class for DYN2 Servo Drive and DYN4 Servo Drive pair respectively. High speed serial 16-bit absolute encoder. Standard servo frame size and NEMA frame sizes options.

       AC Servo Motor General Specification